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My Story

Did you ever wish you would fit in? Did you ever wish you could be liike everyone else? Did you ever get bullyed? Did you ever wish to go to sleep and wake up like everyone else? One of the cool kids? I have, that was my only wish for most of my life. I believed I was the target for bullys, and this was just the way it was, and i had to deal with it. I have tried most of my life to be invisible, but no matter how hard i tried i was always glowing bright red for everyone to take there shot at. I felt like no matter how hard i screamed no one could hear me, i was stuck in a forever turning cycle, nothing but torment and reruns. I always believe if i never got scold would things have been different? Would i still be suffering from social anxiety, anxiety, ptsd, add, adhd? Would i still feel shy meeting new people, or being okay in a crowd? I have always felt afraid, scared of what someone might say , afraid to hear no or worse yes. I was so shy and nerves of others and what they might think of me. It was only until I became a Scentsy Consultant did I feel like i am vauled, that my voice mattered, i was excited to wake up and begin talking to others, meet new people, step outside of my comfort zone. Because of Scentsy I have found the confindence to stand up and be proud and happy being just myself, I have never been able to be completely myself, outside of my close group of friends. But if it wasnt for my past I wouldnt be the person I am today, I am very proud of who I have become. Even with all the troubles i faced so far in my life that has only made me a strong, cofindent, self made mother.Unfortantly my flaws almost claimed my life 3 times, how why, who, doesnt matter but my story begins before I could even walk, my life was tested, A month before my first birthday, i was rushed and admitted to the old janeway, wrapped up in what looked like, tin foil, screaming and crying in pain, thankfully i dont remember the pain. On this day, my mother had a pot on the stove, filled with boiling hot water, as she was preparing jiggs dinner, for herself my father, brother, myself, and my grandmother her mother. The only ones home at this time, of my accident was myself, my brother and mother. My father was working, grandmother was getting the turnip greens for dinner. On this day i recieved third degree burns covering over 90% of my body, face included. How many times did I wish I knew why? Why me? Over the years i have recieved over 50 surgerys from the best surgren in skin graphing Dr. David Jewer, a few times i have even had the pleasure of an amazing group of surgeries from the shiners hospital in ontario. When I was discharged years later, scars were no longer on my face and now only covered 22% mostly my left side. A week after i was released it was going to be my first day of kindergarden. At this point i have spent most of my time with only nurses doctors family and other children admitted into the janeway, so i didnt see what was coming next, but i wish i did. On my first day of kindergarden, we were all told to line up in a straight line we were getting ready to go outside to play, i was so excited to play outside with others my age this was a first. Every other tie i played it was inside the hospital and hardly ever with a group of people, i have never been this excited before. My palms started sweating my voice was stammering play on a swingset and slide down a slide into sand this was a new feeling, new experience. All of a sudden i over hear, but teacher, I don't want to play with her she looks funny! This was a first, what did this mean, those words were burnt into my brain that day, everytime someone mentioned my scars it was like a kick to belly, it never got easier. I didnt understand, and i still dont understand. i didnt say anything until i went home and my grandmother picked me up and knew something had happened? Whats the matter my dear, i then began to tell her all about my day, she said my love yes your different, everyone is different from the other thats what makes everyone special. She smiled just dont listen to the bad focus on the good. I follow her words for years and years until I decided to stand up for myself, I wish I didn't. It made me into someone i didnt like and took me years to rewrite my wrongs, but I did and i knows how scary it is for me to look back at what i have overcome, what i have overcome in my 33 years, im proud of my strength and resislince. When I had my youngest son I heard of Scentsy, so I contacted my now mentor for a booklet, when she brought it over and i went throught it i was hooked. I have always been a sucker for fragrances, and scents, and if i can have this with a small baby and two children running around and be safe i have to try this. At this time in my life i had completed my hairstyling trade, i was now also a single mom of 3 children, and yes still being tormented ALOTTT. I received my order and fell head over heels In love. I found myself talking about the company, sharing my love and I didnt realize people joined due to my words. My passion and voice was heard, wow, i thought i might actually be good at something i love, and encourages me to be myself, and i can stay home with my family. Where do i sign up. I began to sign up online must of been a million times each time my anxiety and fear of what others might think of me took over every time I was at the checkout, I could never click complete order, until something happened, I was talking to my oldest friend who began telling me about her journey with Scentsy, I was shocked to hear of my shy friend throwing open houses parties and stepping into the challenges instead of walking away. It inspired me to the point of me sending a message to my sponsor and let her know i was joining. Within 30 minutes I went from Shannon Pike to Shannon Pike Independent Scentsy Consultant. Finally for the first time in my life I felt like I was were I needed to be, thanks to Scentsy I have challenged myself in ways I wouldnt of dreamed possible, and so glad that i did, im apart of a company that due to there ways, values and mission statement im a more confident outgoing and if I gets bullied now I am smart enough to smile and walk away for I knows that doesnt define who I am,!!! If your unsure about clicking the join!! Just think of what ive overcome to be here, and im proud to say that Scentsy was the best decision ive made, Hey everyone my name is Shannon Pike and im an Independent scentsy consultant, Single mom of 3 yes I have flaws but so do we all, dont waste anymore time filling negative!! Believe me it will cripple your abilities to be great. Always try to think positive, smile more, laugh, get out of your head, step outside of your comfort zone and believe in yourself. Everyone can be successful,it is earned so you work hard and don't give up on yourself success is your future! If you tell yourself that your life isn't going anywhere and don't put the effort into change, nothing will change. Surround yourself around positive influences, retrain your mind for positive only remember happiness starts with you. Im here for you Always and im pumped to get your scentsy dreams in motion
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